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I am Alinatron, knight of Elementh!

― Alina

Alina Golding is a main character appearing in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star.


A mysterious girl. Eats a baguette a day. Hates jokes.

Posts videos on Mewtube, but keeps it a secret from everyone.

An aspiring pop star and famous video blogger who goes by the nickname Alinatron online and in her idol career.


Alina Golding has very pale skin with an 'Alina blonde' coloured rounded bob. She wears red square glasses on her face and a bright yellow bow in the middle of her hair at the front.

Her favourite style is lively but she sometimes wears gothic clothing during some of her shows, she just likes any Japanese street style.


Alina Golding is a very quirky character that enjoys making people smile and be cheerful. Her bright exterior compliments her outgoing personality. She often comes of as cold and antisocial despite having a sweet interior.

She is a big nerd and is a massive fan of sci-fi shows. In addition, she also really enjoys going to the bake stall where she buys exactly 7 baguettes each week.


  • Her lack of social skills and desire for routine (going to buy baugettes every week) makes her seem autistic coded.
  • Alina is bilingual, she can speak English and Japanese.


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