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Angélique Noir (Japanese: スワン・ブラック Suwan Burakku) is a character appearing in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star.

World famous singer. Beloved of Rosie, Yolanda and ALina.


Angelique Noir has pale skin with 'Angelique' Blonde long loose ringlets.

Her favourite styles are bold and chic and her favourite colour is black. She is willing to try out any style that matches what she is doing.


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Angelique Noir is a successful singer and fashion icon in the game. In-universe, she is the singer of the game's theme song, "Fight For Your Style." She turns up towards the latter half of the game as she hears that the Player has a fantastic boutique in town.

In addition to this, Angelique also helps persuade Margot Artemisia to let her daughter become a popstar by singing at Margot's hotel.

She is very popular and is a very relaxed, down-to-earth and mature woman who just loves exploring the world of fashion.


  • Angelique's Japanese name is Swan Black (スワン・ブラック, Suwan Burakku).
  • She is featured in the opening of Style Savvy: Styling Star, with the song called 'Girls Be Ambitious' or sometimes known as 'Fight for Your Style'.


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