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April Bonbon, known in Japanese as Cherry Berry (チェリーベリー Cherīberī), is a lively fashion brand whose items center around fun and youthful styles.

Style Boutique

Brand rep at April Bonbon in Style Boutique.

April Bonbon is available at the start of the game. It appears every Sunday and will appear at random throughout the rest of the week. It shares its colorful and playful style with Dazies, with customers commonly liking both brands.

New Style Boutique

Connie at April Bonbon.

April Bonbon is open every day in the Exhibition Hall and is available at the start of the game.

The description of April Bonbon in Fashion 101 is:

"Stand out from the crowd with this fun brand packed with vibrant colors and youthful styles."

The brand rep's name is Connie.