Beaumonde City

Its the city that has too MUCH fashion! There are six main places you can go to. 

It has

  • April Bonbon (Lively)
  • Marpizan Sky (Girly)
  • Soy (Boho-chic)
  • AZ-USA (Bold)
  • Enid Chen (Chic)
  • Marble Lily (Baby doll)
  • StageDive (Rock)
  • streetflow (Sporty)
  • PurpleMoon (Costume)
  • Kanikoi (Eastern)
  • Basic U (Basic)

Chorale/Chorale Prelude (Feminine)

And others.

But before you play the game, see how NintendoDaan plays it: [1]

"Fashion your mind before you think about it''

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