The Beautician, owned by Lorelei, is where players can purchase nail designs and make-up. They can also let Lolerei do their makeup for them by choosing the 'Surprise me' option.


Players can purchase new make-up sets or individual items through the 'Buy Make-up' option at the Beautician.

Make-up Sets

Make-up sets are pre-coordinated full make-up that can be easily applied on any characters. Individual changes can still be made after applying a make-up set, allowing players to further customize the final look.

There are 20 make-up sets available to purchase:

Cinnamon Sweetie
Island Sweetie
Lemon Sweetie
Darling Sweetie
Bejeweled Heart
Sweet Heart
Dreamy Heart
Innocent Heart
Summer Leaf
Sunset Leaf
Coconut Leaf
Harvest Leaf
Empire Rose
Vanity Rose
Lunar Rose
Vampire Rose
Garden Mist
Gothic Mist
Citrus Mist
Lavender Mist

Individual Make-up

There is a huge variety of individual make-up items that can be purchased under the following categories:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow ($18.00)
  • Eyeliner (($8.40)
  • Mascara ($6.50)
  • Colored Contacts ($38.00)
  • Blusher ($14.00)
  • Lipstick ($25.00)

Surprise Me

Lorelei can do players' make-up in three different styles:

  • Cool - Elegant & Fierce ($75.00): Ladylike make-up with a bold style.
  • Cute - Sweet & Charming ($75.00): Make-up with bright colors and a gorgeously cute style.
  • Bright - Dazzling & Zesty ($75.00): Make-up with a cheerful lively style.


See: Beautician (Nails)

There is quite a number of nail designs available in all thirteen (13) different styles for players to coordinate with different fashion style:

  • Basic
  • Rock
  • Eastern
  • Preppy
  • Gothic
  • Chic
  • Girly
  • Psychedelic
  • Boho-chic
  • Lively
  • Bold
  • Baby doll
  • Feminine
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