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Beautiful is a song featured in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star, sung in the Bold genre by the characters Yolanda Artemesia (Akina from FAKY) in English and Yukiko (R!N) in Japanese.


Oh mirror, mirror, tell me - who is staring back at me?
It gets a little hot when you can hear your heart beat
Looking identical, but you can see the difference
Oh tell me I'm not dreaming alone

Where've you been all this time?
And as I close my eyes
I think back and travel through the woods of the past
I reach out my hand to grab that apple on the tree

I've been asleep a long time (beautiful)
And now it's time to wake up

(Beautiful, beautiful) Birds and the flowers
(Beautiful, beautiful) The moon and the wind
(Beautiful, beautiful) Shining and glowing like no other

(Beautiful, beautiful) I'm gonna live my life
(Beautiful, beautiful) Just being myself
(Beautiful, beautiful) I'm gonna trust in my feelings
This is who I am



Style Savvy- Styling Star - Beautiful


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