The Beginner Contest is one of four contests in New Style Boutique. It is the easiest contest and the only one available in the Nintendo eShop demo. If you win this contest, your prize will be £1,000.00. After beating this contest, the player moves onto the Premier Contest.


There are <number> themes available in the Beginner Contest.


These models are in the Beginner Contest only.

  • Keisha (I know everyone else will say the same, but I really am the right person for this! Please believe me!)
  • Latisha (I'm a real diamond in the rough. With the right guidance and help, I'll work hard to shine bright!)
  • Lorena (I've been a bad loser ever since I was a kid. If I can't win at it, I'm just not interested)
  • Roxie (I play a lot of ping-pong, and those skills come in handy on the catwalk, too. It's all about the footwork!)
  • Mona (I love it when people look at me. I love being in the spotlight! Please pick me!)
  • Myra (My greatest charm is my utter confidence in any situation! If you don't pick me, you'll be missing out!)
  • Huiting (I'm applying to try and improve my self confidence. I hope you think I'm up to the job)

Tips on winning


The Beginner Contest provides you with a limited selection of clothes when compared to the other contests.

It is automatically the Beginner Contest stage used in the feature Check Your Look, and also the Wireless Fashion Show (though here the words "Beginner Contest" are changed to "Wireless Fashion Show")


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