Clarissa is a character in New Style Boutique. She runs the Hair Salon.

Appearances in the game

Clarissa will be most often seen at the Hair Salon.

Shop description

A genius at hairdressing. Eats well, sleeps well.

Taste in clothes

Clarissa likes bold clothes from AZ-USA

Relationships with other characters

Elspeth: Clarissa's best friend. They both share a love for beauty and fashion. 

Player: Clarissa looks up to and admires the player. They are close friends, as they both started running shops at the same time.


  • Clarissa expresses in a conversation with Elspeth that she loves babies, yet she cannot tell whether it is a boy of girl. Elspeth asks "Why can't you just ask the baby's mother?" Clarissa reveals that she never thought of that, and the conversation ends.