Dominic is a character in Style Boutique.  He also appears in New Style Boutique.

Appearances in the game

Dominic is rarely seen in the game, but comes to Primavera to introduce himself, and will be at the end of every Fashion Contest, offering to drop the Player home in his car. Renee is often jealous of this, demanding to be taken too. This plan fails.

Taste in clothes

In New Style Boutique, Dominic likes chic clothes from Markus & Corman.

Relationships with other characters

Renee: Dominic is amused by Renee, though not very keen on her. 

Player: Dominic admires the  Player's exeptional abilities for fashion, though never has any proper contact with her.

Godfrey: Dominic's butler. He has several conversasations with him.



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