Dosukoi Koi Koi (Break It Down) is a song featured in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star, sung in the Lively genre by the characters Alina or Alinatron (CV: Hiiragi, Yuka)

Lyrics Translation

Break, break, break it down!
You've just gotta roll with it!
Forget the good times and the bad
Today I'm immortalised on the stage!

I run a simulation in the mirror
Like a mantra, I tell myself it's gonna be OK
It's my game, and I want to beat it
That's right, time to wake up and get myself in gear

I'll click my heels and say hello in true style
With just a hint of courage, I'll take it step by step
All decked out in my finest gear, a quick shake of a ribbon
And all my systems are go!

We're leaping into the next dimension, past and future merging, becoming one
Just go, take it head on, reach for the horizon into another world
A little passion goes a long, long way, so let's boot up the power and dive into the blue

And that's why
Break, break, break it down! Tip tap! Everybody clap your hands together now!
Your pulse is racing, you can't stop smiling and your heart keeps beating right out of your chest

La la la la, break out those moves and dance to the electronic groove
It's our time to shine, we'll never let it go
The path of my dreams led me right here to this dazzling spotlight, and now I'm standing in it

Once upon a time, I was a timid princess
But I'm not afraid any more, so watch me
Break, break, break, break it down!


Style Savvy- Styling Star - Dosukoi Koi Koi (Break it Down)

Style Savvy- Styling Star - Dosukoi Koi Koi (Break it Down)

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