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Evie is a major character in New Style Boutique. She was the original manager of Verano and the first person to ever win the Elite Contest, making her one of the most famous stylists in town.

She also appears in New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward.

New Style Boutique


Evie was the manager of a boutique called Verano. She was assisted by Harriet, a junior stylist who had a baby doll style at the time (while her role model, Evie, had a feminine style. This is illustrated in the picture below.) She meets the player on the street and compliments her fashion sense, then asks her to carry boxes to Verano; to which she agrees. Evie finds out that the player is an amateur stylist, and asks her if she can design an outfit for one of Verano's customers, Zahra. Impressed by the player's fashion skills, she decides to employ her as a temporary stylist. The player agrees and works alongside Harriet.

Eventually, Evie decides to hand the whole boutique to the player. She goes on to work in higher fashion areas and also at the Contest Hall, with her old friend Lola.

Friendship with Lola

Evie and Lola's friendship is mentioned to have begun when they were children, at school. Lola confesses during an after party of a Fashion Contest that she does not know Evie's age! When Lola is seen with Evie (for example chatting at the cafe) their description is "An ex-stylist and her ex-model." Evie works with Lola at the Contest Hall.

Fashion image

Evie likes feminine clothes. She comes to the boutique sometimes, so feminine outfits are recommended. If she approves of the outfit, she will almost always arrange with you to get your photo taken with Tess.

Shop description

One of the most talented stylists in town.

New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward

Evie appears again in the third game, New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward, where she is the mascot of Fashion 101 once again. She also runs a second branch of Verano in Beaumonde City.

New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star

Found hidden in the data of the fourth game, as a leftover from Fashion Forward. She cannot be seen in-game through normal means.[1]


It is revealed during an after-party conversation with Lola that Evie used to live abroad!