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The Fashion Forward Intro Song is the song played at the very beginning of the game New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward. It is the first song in the series to feature lyrics, after the shop songs in the first game. The singer is unknown.


New Style Boutique 2 Fashion Forward - Intro Video (Nintendo 3DS)-1448377479

The video that plays at the start of the game.


Here in my hands I hold on to something real

The key to another world of creativity!

Time to reach out and take a chance

Open up the door to the real me

I can do anything that I want to achieve

My future is that on the other side

Time to jump in and make it come alive!

A fashion star,

My destiny!

So many things I am longing to be

Time to see what is waiting for me!

In the spotlight, the world's so exciting and new

My hopes and my dreams and my passion's breaking through

The door to this world is open for me,

Gonna go through, and set my dreams free!

So take a chance to step through

Our dreams are all coming true!


  • An instrumental of the song is featured in part of the trailer for the game, and is also featured in the Style Savvy 3DS HOME Menu theme.
  • The line "A key to another world of creativity" is referencing New Style Boutique.
  • The song was written by Jeannie Lurie and Gabriel Mann.