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Glowing Moon is a song featured in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star, sung in the Cool genre by the characters Yolanda Artemesia (Akina from FAKY) in English and Yukiko (R!N) in Japanese.


Look above, you can see the stars shining
Up above, in the shades of the night
I close my eyes and I can hear the melody of our song

I know I'm not good at sharing my feelings
I know I don't always put on a smile
But you were always there by my side
Giving me a little boost

When the moon is glowing in the night
And I can feel your heart so close to mine
Reminding me that what's in my heart is true

So I'm just gonna try
Believe in everything inside
I'm not afraid of anything
I know I can stand up and walk on my own two feet

As long as you are there with me
Under the beautiful blue sky
To hold my hand and tell me, 'It'll be OK'



Style Savvy- Styling Star - Glowing Moon