Grace is a character in Style Boutique. She runs the popular boutique, Primavera. She also appears in New Style Boutique.

Appearances in the game

Grace will often be seen in Primavera. Whilst the Player works in Grace's boutique, Grace will be talking and serving customers. When the Player leaves to run her own boutique, she simply gives advice.

Taste in clothes

Grace likes chic clothes from Alvarado.

Relationships with other characters

Renee: Grace shares a friendly relationship with her employee, Renee, and treats her like a younger sister.

Player: Grace admires the Player's capability of serving customers and fashion sense. At one point, in New Style Boutique, she challenges the Player to make her an outfit. 

Dominic: Grace is not particularly a close friend of Dominic, but laughs at Renee's interest in him, and teases her with Dominic.