Leonora is a character in New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward. She is Callie's mother.

Appearances in the game

Leonora is Callie's mother. She is part of the Five sisters story





Taste in Clothes

Leonora likes Gothic clothes from Raven Candle

Relationships with other characters

Daughters: Her daughters (Callie, Ellie, Trixie and Catherine sometimes appear in their disguises with her. They often get embarrassed or annoyed at her if she exposes their identity but she seems to have a good relationship with them. 

The player: If she sees the player wearing Gothic clothing she is impressed. She also gives you her hairstyle, bouffant, and invites you to a tea party.


  • She is mistaken to be her daughter's sister, not mother due to how young she looks. 
  • Her birthday is on the 29th February (leap day) So she only ages every 4 years making her "12" using this we can work out that she is 48.


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