This is a list of customers who appear in the game New Style Boutique.


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Father of one. Acts his shoe size not his age.
Abbie Goes out driving at the weekend. Adores curry.
Abigail Never wastes anything. She likes what she likes!
Ada Likes trains a lot, but goes to work on foot.
Adelaide Likes pasta. Likes rice. Likes fish. Likes meat. Feminine
Adele Has made a gorgeous mural on her wall.
Adrian Gets all his energy from e-numbers in sweets.
Ariri Lives life in the slow lane. Watches clouds. Gothic
Albert Has a mini-garden on his balcony. Ethnic
Alena Can't swallow tablets. Loves lozenges. Gothic
Alex There isn't a sport this guy can't play!
Amelia Dreams of becoming a food critic. Girly
Angelica Was always the first one picked for a team in PE. Girly
Anke Recently took up horseriding for an exercise. Eastern
Ann She'd love to have her own pony stables. Babydoll
Annabelle Brisk about everything. A remarkable golfer. Preppy
Annika Professional dog walker. Great sprinter. Chic
Ashley She always feels cold so hates air conditioning.
Astra Dreams of travelling the world on a unicycle. Girly
Aurore Likes clothes that are gentle to the skin. Feminine
Ava Holidays in East Asia. Learning Chinese.
Azusa Wants to work at a traditional confectionery. Bold


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Belinda Lives in the centre of town. Loves sweets.
Benjamin Is a total petrol head. Knows his cuisine too.
Bev Writes every new idea in her notebook.
Billy Is really obsessed with a certain model.
Björn Reads so much that he forgets to eat.
Brenda Always getting lost and making new discoveries.
Brendan Doesn't attempt anything complicated.
Briana Can give you directions to just about anywhere. Eastern
Britta Always does yoga before bedtime. Gothic
Bubbles Loves trying out new face creams. Bold


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Carmel Likes old books. Collects leaflets.
Carmen Will never be late to an appointment.
Caroline Eat omelette for breakfast every day. Babydoll
Cassidy Has lots of energy when the time calls for it.
Cathy Likes to win. Loves her granddad the most.
Celeste Takes long baths. Good at massages.
Cerys Has dainty hands. Works hard behind the scenes.
Charity Likes collecting antique teacups from spain.
Charlie Studying to be a journalist. Likes tea.
Charlotte Never gives up, even after failing.
Chelsea Makes her own beauty lotions for perfect skin. Psychedelic
Cherie Likes clothes that really stand out. Has a warm heart. Gothic
Chetna A bit of a busybody. Never short of work. Bold
Cindy Her internal clock is picky about mealtimes.
Clarissa A genius hairdresser. Eats well, sleeps well. Bold
Cleo A train enthusiast. Gets tired easily. Rock
Coletta Believes her horoscope. Breaks a lot of plates.
Colin Is always the first one dancing at parties.
Colleen Can crack an egg open with one hand. Preppy
Cordelia A real stickler for the details. Feminine
Courtney Recently took up yoga. Takes Fridays seriously. Preppy
Cynthia Can make six different kinds of cheesecake.


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Damian Loves nothing more than being at one with nature.
Daniella Grew up in a cold region and misses all the snow.
Darcie Loves cooking but isn't so big on eating.
Darrell Always has a packet of sweets to hand.
Davina Collects retro comic books from America. Lively
Debbie A bit of a lone wolf. Leads her life her way. Babydoll
Debs Expert at tidying up. Her room is fit for a queen.
Denise Has a brother, but there isn't much of a resemblance. Girly
Désirée Is very knowledgable about bubble baths. Lively
Diana Has 2 dogs who hate being taken on a walk. Chic
Dom He always supersizes his fries. Basic
Dominic Owns a fine estate in a neighbouring city.
Quick-thinker. Poor swimmer. Girly


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
HNI 0089
It's often said she's a terrible backseat driver. Babydoll
Edward His favourite pastime is trainspotting.
Eirin Economises by buying clothes in bulk. Lively
Eleanor Naps often. Always takes things too seriously.
Elena A waitress at the café. Likes dinosaurs. Basic
Elina Loves insects. Her best friend is a caterpillar. Babydoll
Ella Wakes up at 5AM. Has a rather large appetite.
Emma Is always losing her mobile phone.
Hates exercise but tries to eat healthily. Lively
Eric Is a lone wolf when it comes to travel.
Eugenie A morning person. Can't stand powerful smells.
Evie One of the most talented stylists in town. Feminine


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Faith Takes two-hour paths. Likes the smell of roses.
Faye Exhibition Hall attendant on Sundays. Feminine
Fifi Drives a hard bargain. A devoted friend.
Fleur She cries a lot when she loses at board games. Glam
Flo A nature lover. Adores the sight of fireflies.
Florian The flower stall owner's son. Great big brother! Casual
Washes her hair every day. Likes jasmine tea.
Frances Oversleeps a lot and is late because of it.
Francesca Can beat anyone in an arm-wrestling match.
Frida Dreams of becoming a picture book author. Babydoll


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Gabby Wants to visit Bali, but can't stand the heat. Preppy
Georgie Loves to buy cartoon character merchandise. Bold
Geraint Likes doing magic. Card tricks are his speciality.
Gerty Can do an excellent impression of a monkey.
Gina Is studying Latin. Loves guys in glasses. Bold
Giovanna She never lets go of the things she loves. Bold
Glenda Has a gorgeous rose garden. Loves tofu. Chic
Glenn She believes life should be like a fairytale.
Grace Owns a boutique in a neighbouring town.
Greg Is a pro at not falling over in wobbly trains.


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Harry A clean freak - his house hasn't a speck of dirt!
Harriet A friendly girl who always gives it her best shot. Feminine
Hazel Puts others before herself.
Heather Her hands are soft as a baby's.
Heidi Is currently saving up to buy a new car. Babydoll
Hilda Only listens to music from the 50s. Lively
Holly Frank and helpful. Melon is her favourite flavour. Sporty


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Imani Often stumbles across interesting new shops.
Ioannis He would never miss his favourite soap opera!
Isabel A make-up artist. Likes tuna sandwiches. Glam
Isolde Keeps a four-leaf clover as a good-luck charm. Eastern


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Jacob Has been into basketball since he was young.
Jake Can only sleep in silk pajamas.
Jamie-Lee Can't stand hot or cold weather but still tough.
Jan He acts like a grumpy old man.
Jana Loves buying cute things. Good swimmer. Lively
Janet Takes skincare seriously. Quite likes lemons.
Janey Always gets involved in the annual village fête. Bold
Jasmin French bread is her favourite food. Preppy
Jayne A bit of a narcissist. Speaks five languages. Bold
Jelena Talks to her plants so they grow quicker. Babydoll
Jem Really into skincare. Has naturally unruly hair.
Jemima Spent her childhood living in Sweden.
Jerri Would like to do a gap year volunteering. Eastern
Jessica A complete bookworm. Is always at the library. Bold
Jiamin Very charismatic. Always up for karaoke.
Jill A big fan of instant soup. Girly
Jocelyn She knows what she likes.
Jodie Treasures her fringe. Makes silly mistakes.
Joe Often turns up late. Is into jogging.
John He was head boy at primary school. Ethnic
Johnny He can only focus on one thing at a time.
Jolene Prefers soap to shower gel. Has no split ends.
Jonah Dreams of becoming the world's strongest ninja.
Joseph Often oversleeps. Eats breakfast on the run. Basic
Josh Eats, sleeps and breathes pro-wrestling.
Juanita She's always drawing stuff in her sketchbook. Babydoll
Judith Loves going to open-mic events. Glam
Judy She has never let anyone see her cry. Babydoll
Julia Loves kids' cartoons. Makes home movies. Feminine
Juliette Her favourite food is chicken nuggets. Girly
June Into old books. Always remembers her dreams. Eastern
Juno Can't stand having clutter in her house.
Justine Plays basketball. Excels at dribbling. Glam


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Kacey Has a habit of staying up late. Feminine
Kara Rather good at giving shoulder massages. Rock
Kathleen Her bark is worse than her bite. Loves beaches.
Katie A great ballet dancer. Puts salt on all her food.
Kiera Is really into knitting. Knits awesome hats.
Keith Never fails to check out his own reflection.
Kelsie Very bouncy. Wears subtle make-up.
Kevani Collects watches. Doesn't sleep enough.
Lavender Fields
She takes her tea with two sugars. Babydoll
Kira Loves yolk but gives the white to her brother. Feminine
Kiran Always thinking about sweets and cake.
Kris A morning person with a signature hairstyle.
Kristin Has a spring birthday. Mother is a seamstress.
Kurt Used to work at the local fairground.


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Laetitia Is crazy about bugs - is always in the grass.
Laney Following her dream to become a childminder.
Lauren Often goes out picking flowers. Loves honey. Preppy
Lee He eats so fast he forgets to breathe. Ethnic
Leila Can be rather impulsive in fashion and in love.
Lewis Always leaves the best until last.
Li Can't function without at least ten hours of sleep. Lively
Li Yun Fussy about her clothes and her favourite pillow.
Lilia Works incredibly hard at her part-time job. Babydoll
Lin Adores stuffed toy animals. Bold
Lindsay Is never without her strawberry lipbalm. Preppy
Liz Always suffering from minor colds. Basic
Lloyd Spent six months on a life-changing safari.
Lola Former supermodel. Knows what she wants. Chic
Lorna A big tea-lover. Always trying out new blends.
Love Has a baby brother who is too cute for words.
Lucy Loves taking black and white photographs.


Name Image Shop description Taste in clothes
Maddy Enjoys reading. Has an older brother.
Maeve Has the same fashion sense as her mother. Preppy
Magda This pretty lady is such a heartbreaker! Babydoll
Marcela Loves fairytales, is loved by small children.
Marci Gets her hair cut once a week. Rock
Marcia Gives up easily but won't remember. Girly
Mareika Picky about details. Does laundry every day.
Marina Often eats so much ice cream she feels sick. Babydoll
Marissa Lives for lipstick. Always blowing kisses. Glam
Marjorie Enjoys getting a good bargain when shopping. Babydoll
Mark A bottomless pit who loves to stand out.
Martin Not a great talker but tinkles the ivories well.
Mary Wants to become a flower shop owner.
Mary-Jane Her favourite subject at school was design. Psychedelic
Matilda Her absolute favourite food is curry. Babydoll
Meenah Likes to nap, but suffers from terrible bed hair.
Melissa Likes to help people out. Loves rock music. Rock
Milicent Can never throw away cute carrier bags. Glam
Minnie A bit of a narcissist. Likes to drink water.
Mylene Loves children. In a relationship. Girly


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothes
Nadia Likes her school uniform and when the rain stops.
Nan Values her individuality above all else! Rock
Nana Watches a lot of horror movies, but never alone. Ethnic
Naomi Into healthy living. A big fan of spas. Lively
Nene Can't watch a romantic film without crying. Psychedelic
Nigella Looks after her hair so it's always glossy. Girly
Nita A master birdwatcher with great eyesight. Rock


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Olive Shows her full potential only when necessary. Gothic
Oliver He prefers fish to be on his plate than in the sea.
Orla Wants to go to study astronomy at uni.


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Paul Loves going for dives. Spaces out a lot.
Peggy Trusts in her instincts. Scared of thunder.
Petal Loves her parents and snowball fights.
Pete Polishes his football boots every night.
Petra Goes bowling every weekend. Preppy
Pinky This lady doesn't like to be tied down!
Pollyanna Finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning.
Prita Spends two hours a day doing aerobics. Feminine
Pru Recently started living alone. Rock
Puja Always tries every new snack that comes out.


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Rahil Collects china. Lounges in his dressing gown.
Rebecca Collects china. Refuses to believe in ghosts! Lively
Reece Is forever overhearing things she shouldn't.
Renée Works at a boutique in a neighbouring town. Feminine
Richards Cries like a baby during horror movies.
Rita Has a brother whose name rhymes with hers. Feminine
River Can tell how fast a spinning top is spinning. Chic
Robert Maybe he walked under a ladder? So unlucky!
Roger This one's a natural born leader.
Ronnie Excels in everything she does. Makes great soup. Babydoll
Rosa Wakes up frighteningly early. Sings like a bird.
Rosemary Her current obsession is bread making. Feminine
Rosie Works as a secretary. Great at tongue twisters. Girly
Roxanne Is always worrying about her dry skin. Bold
Rubina Amazing at tripping over her own two feet. Girly
Loves sports. Has a lemon tea each morning. Feminine
Ruffie Loves bread. Thinks of others first. Gothic
Ruth A big fan of owls. Able to sleep standing up.


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Sabine Loves the ocean. Wants to swim with dolphins. Rock
Sabrina Acts first and asks questions later. Gothic
Sachi Can keep a straight face no matter the situation. Lively
Sadie Terrible with names. Enjoys the theatre. Rock
Sadiq Is the owner of Helion.
Sally If she likes something, she just has to buy it.
Sam [F] Comes from an Inuit family but hates the cold.
Sam [M] Can't stand early mornings or late nights.
Sandra Will do absolutely anything for love. Babydoll
Sara Wants to go to Thailand but dislikes lemon grass. Girly
Savannah You can't see her walls for boy band posters. Psychedelic
Savka Light on her feet. Loving mother. Ethnic
Scarlet Sounds completely different on the phone. Basic
Sean It takes him two hours to do his hair every day.
Sebastian Is waiting for his big break as a DJ.
Shabnam Never pays attention to current fads or trends. Girly
Shane Plays chess online until the early hours.
Sharla Really enjoys reading but isn't a great speller. Feminine
Sharon Wishes to be a back-up dancer on the telly. Girly
Shaz Enjoys stargazing. Sleeps face-down.
Sheena Looks up to her big sis. Loves being flattered. Glam
Shirley Her dream pet would be a jellyfish. Psychedelic
Siobhan Believes in fairies. An expert on superstitions.
Siri Prefers sheep to cows. Very caring. Gothic
Snow Has strange hobbies. Can be lazy sometimes. Lively
Spencer He makes a mean stew! You should try it!
Stephanie Can sleep absolutely anywhere. Babydoll
Stephen Has a little sister. Is into motorbikes.
Sumera A bit of a loose cannon. Goes on lots of outings.


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Tabetha A pro at folding clothes. Gazes at the moon a lot. Babydoll
Talia Runs her very own boxing club. Bold
Tamara Loves her long hair. Obsessed with frogs. Preppy
Tamwar His macaroons are simply divine.
Tanya Spends a whole hour on her hair each morning.
Teresa Has to have everything in its rightful place. Gothic
Tess Her personality changes when she takes photos. Bold
Tia A bit of a dreamer. Waiting for her prince. Lively
Tilly Makes her own cheese from locally farmed milk. Ethnic
Tim Works best under pressure.
Tizzy Likes pigeons and eating cookies. Girly
Tobias Loves his surfboard. Trying to be a pro!
Tommy His twin younger bros think he is so cool.
Trixie Can speak French, Spanish and Swahili. GIrly
Trudy An avid golfer. Collects decorative hand towels.


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Una Always eats five portions of fruit and veg a day. Babydoll


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Valerie Dreams of growing all her own food. Girly
Valory A great cook. Everyone lover her pasta sauce.
Vanessa Thinks that clouds look ridiculously yummy. Bold
Vero Always considers "going green", but never does. Rock
Vicky A masterful dancer. A bit of a celebrity. Babydoll
Victoria Likes to savour a delicious cake. Girly
Vikki Terrible at cooking. Prizes her long hair. Girly
Vincent Loves tea more than any other drink.
Violet Has a twin sister. Loves jam doughnuts.


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Wendy Looks like an adult. Loves fish fingers. Girly
Willow Plays pool for fun, but has the skills of a pro! Lively
Winnie Her favourite crisps are salt and vinegar.


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Xiao Wants everything to be clean and tidy. Girly


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Yvonne Walks her dogs and cats in her spare time. Feminine


Name Image Shopping description Taste in clothing
Zadia Wants a good job. Afraid of heights. Girly
Zahra Can never pick out clothes. Loves ice cream.
Zainab Can't cook at all but still gives it a go. Girly
Zakir Has a strong sense of responsibility.
Zara Put mayonnaise on absolutely everything.
Zayna Always sleepy. Can be rather devious. Basic
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