MC Mode is a major character in New Style Boutique. He is the host of the Fashion Contest and is rumoured to also be the owner of the picnic area. He appears to be good friends with Lola.

Appearances in the game

MC Mode can be seen every night at the Contest Hall, where he hosts the fashion contests. He visits your boutique once in the game, to purchase clothes as he is starring in a movie. The style of clothes he will ask for will be basic. When you reach to the Elite contest, he will come to your boutique with Lola, wishing you luck. He does the same when you reach the International contest. If you win the International contest, MC Mode will come to your boutique and will give you a tiara.

Shop description

Switch from silent mode to MC Mode! Yeah!

Relationship with other characters

He appears to be good friends with Lola.

Taste in clothes

He usually wears chic clothes. He does visit your boutique,(as stated above)


Lola tells the player during an after-party that he is very hyperactive in everyday life. She says the MC in his name probably stands for "Mostly Crazy", though it actually stands for Master of Ceremonies.

If his name is referring to the French word for "Mode", this means his full name is "Master of Ceremonies Fashion".


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