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Lisa at Marble Lily.

Marble Lily (マーブル・リリー Māburu Rirī) is a baby-doll fashion brand whose items center around lolita and fairy-tale fashion styles. It has been featured in every Style Boutique game so far.

Style Boutique

"Pink, white frilly fashion for pretty porcelain dolls."

Marble Lily debuts in the first installment in the Style Boutique series as the softer counterpart of Raven Candle. It’s affiliated with interiors no. 11 and 21. The brand rep's name is Robin.

New Style Boutique

Fashion 101: "A doll-like brand that makes you feel like a fairy-tale princess with fluffy pink petticoats and cute ruffled tops."

Marble Lily is a brand that is later invited to the Exhibition Hall, and is open every day. The brand rep's name is Lisa (リサ, Risa).


  • Marble Lily and Raven Candle are the only brands that appear in all four games.