Style Boutique Wiki

The mobile phone is a feature in New Style Boutique. Evie shows the player how to use their phone at the start of the game (while getting the player's number).

The mobile phone has nine functions:


The album is where photos go, taken by pressing the R Button on the Nintendo 3DS. You can only have up to 100 photos, after which you have to delete some. Photos can be exported to Nintendo 3DS Camera and the SD Card.

Fashion 101

Fashion 101 (known as the Style Index in North America) is a dictionary written by Evie about many terms used in the game.

Nuances Fashion Magazine

Nuances is a magazine published by Tess that features five sections: Streetwise Snaps, Make-Up Tips, Hairstyle Catalogue, Rococco's Raves and Get It First. The player is regularly featured in the magazine (especially if they have been in a Fashion Contest recently). Players met via StreetPass will appear in the magazine too.


The schedule is how you plan to go out to places with customers. A customer may ask you to come with them to a special place, for example the Lavender Fields. You can always choose not to go but going will improve a relationship with the customer, and they will begin to come to the boutique more often.


Messages are a way of communicating with fellow characters and friends. Customers may occasionally text the player. The messages have no effect on gameplay and are just there for entertainment purposes.

Customer List

The customer list is, as the name suggests, a list of every customer that has ever visited your boutique. It shows details on their purchases and their shop description.

Stylist Card

The Stylist Card is a card with information about you and your boutique. When you meet someone via StreetPass you get their Stylist Card, and they will visit your boutique. You can set a budget and taste in clothes for when you visit someone's boutique.

Fashion Quarter

By connecting to the internet you can visit the Fashion Quarter. Here you can set up your own Web Shop; with a Shop Code and welcome message. You can create up to three outfits to be in the shop. You can visit other people's Web Shops by entering their Shop Code, found on their Stylist Card.

Wireless Fashion Show

You can have your own wireless fashion show with someone else nearby with a copy of New Style Boutique.