Style Boutique Wiki

Shop Assistants

Name Introduction Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Xin Assistant No. 1:
Wears basic clothing
Shop assistant Cooking Has a strict five-miles-a-day walking regime. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Sylvia Assistant No. 2: Wears feminine clothing Shop assistant Backpacking So friendly, even total strangers warm to her within minutes. Marble Lily Girly Pink Flowery
Hannah Assistant No. 3:
Wears lively clothing
Shop assistant Walking Works hard to keep fit and never misses a day of stretching. AZ-USA Bold Black  Minimal
Ken Assistant No. 4:
Wears basic clothing
Shop assistant Travel Hates trains, so rides by bike. Occassionally he takes a hike. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Archie Assistant No. 5:
Wears bold clothing
Shop assistant Sleeping Making people smile is his raison d'être. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Rahil Assistant No. 6:
Wears chic clothing
Shop assistant Strolling Chilli fanatic. The hotter the pepper, the more excitable he gets. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!

A - B

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern


Shop owner Cooking Connoisseur of cartoon character lore. Marble Lily Baby Doll Light-blue Dotty


Lawyer Singing Tim's friend. Knows everything there is to know about the city. AZ-USA Bold Black  Camo
Adrienne School teacher Aromatherapy Dreams of becoming stylish in a stylish boutique. Marzipan Sky Girly White Plain
Aeisha Baker Making cakes Handwrites all her memos. Marzipan Sky Girly Light-blue Minimal
Afia Student Football Prefers her ice cream on a cone, not in a bowl. Marzipan Sky Girly Orange Minimal
Afsana Hospital worker Card games Sets her thermostat to 28 degrees Celsius all year round. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Stripey
Aiko Game designer Making sweets Bakes banana muffins to die for. April Bonbon Lively Green Check
Airi Student Karaoke Her cooking specialty is tinned soup. Marzipan Sky Girly Light-blue Check
Aisling Brand sales rep Eating desserts Usless in the morninguntil she's had a cup of coffee. Chorale Feminine White Plain
Aleesha Student Jigsaw puzzles Much prefers coffee to tea. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Flowery
Alexis Hotel worker Cycling Eats whatever is put in front of her. Has a good appetite. Enid Chen Chic Gold Animal
Alice Cinema staff Art appreciation Is a big fan of old films. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Dotty
Alina Guardian of the Earth Vlogging Changes. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Pictures
Alistair Cameraman Visiting art galleries Loves this city. Feels very at home here. Not telling! None Not telling! Not Telling!
Aliyah Steward Tending kitchen gardens Lights incense at night. Brooke Bridge Preppy Black Check
Alma Publicity manager Collecting beads Saves money by making her own packed lunch every day. Chorale Feminine Deep-blue Flowery
Amaia Audio engineer DIY Doesn't sleep much when she's really into a video game. Soy Boho-chic Yellow-green Flowery
Amara Researcher Aromatherapy Collects bubble baths. Uses different ones according to her mood. Raven Candle Gothic Red Flowery
Ambra Manicurist Sitting in cafés Drinks a lot of herbal tea, but never with sugar. Retrobeat Psychedelic Red Stripey
Ameena Student Watching films Always worrying that she walks too fast. Marble Lily Baby doll Beige Plain
Amelia School teacher Going to noodle bars Eats the top off custard creams first, licks off the cream, leaves the bottom. StageDive Rock Purple Plain
Amira Nurse Bicycles Loves the rain. Chorale Feminine Yellow Check
Amita Brand sales rep Mountain climbing Very good with numbers. Loves geometric patterns. Retrobeat Psychedelic Red Dotty
Anastasia Student Musicals Rather good at making her own fruit juices. April Bonbon Lively Deep-blue Stripey
Andrea Game designer Football Her favourite place to watch sports is live at the stadium. Retrobeat Psychedelic Red Check
Angelica Student Watching sports Still doesn't understand how planes stay in the air. Kanokoi Eastern Purple Flowery
Angélique Singer Sketching World famous singer. Beloved of Rosie, Yolanda and Alina. Enid Chen Chic Black  Complex
Angie Student Table tennis Has fallen out with her brother. Wants to apologise soon. Soy Boho-chic Blue-green Flowery
Anila Hotel staff Going for walks Always puts her right sock on before her left one. Kanokoi Eastern White Minimal
Anjali Student Comics Reads comics in one go and regrets it later. Brooke Bridge Preppy Brown Check
Anke Student Going out to eat Loves holiday gear. Never uses it, but buys it whenever she sees it. AZ-USA Bold Deep-blue Flowery
Ann Shop staff Language exchanges Calms down when she drinks green tea. April Bonbon Lively Red Pictures
Anna Ice cream seller Sci-fi film festivals Has a major sweet tooth. Hates dentist visits. Retrobeat Psychedelic Yellow-green Dotty
Annabelle Librarian Yoga A skilled tidier. Can tidy anything at all. Raven Candle Gothic White Stripey
Anneke Legal adviser Cooking Richard's legal adviser. More on the ball than Richard himself. Chorale Feminine Black  Stripey
Annett Nurse Collecting stuff Can keep accurate time even without looking at a stopwatch. Enid Chen Chic Black Animal
Annie Florist Knitting Like a raging bear when awoken from her slumber. Marble Lily Baby doll Pink Ribbons
April Composer House parties Wishes she could party 24/7. Enid Chen Chic Orange Minimal
Arthur Mechanic Reading Takes things apart to see them work. Then they don't. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Ashley Restaurant staff Coffee table books Aims to go to three concerts a year. Basic U Basic Orange Dotty
Astra Salesperson Saving money Likes to clean. Not very good at folding clothes. Kanokoi Eastern Green Flowery
Audrey Pharmacist Backpacking Loves love stories and salted popcorn. Marzipan Sky Girly White Flowery
Aurora Accountant Reading Loses things a lot. Soy Boho-chic Blue-green Flowery
Ava Artist Strolling Gets all her inspiration when out walking. StageDive Rock White Stripey
Aya Nursery teacher Poetry Close to Oliver. Surprisingly stubborn. Kanokoi Eastern Yellow Hearts
Ayala Musician Sketching Rock fan. A little impatient, always rushing. StageDive Rock Green Check
Aziz Dancer Watching sports A fast walker, and a slow eater. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Belinda Student Music appreciation Doing her best to keep everything tidy. April Bonbon Lively Yellow-green Dotty
Bella Steward Pickling things Likes everything in its proper place.And EVERYTHING has a place. Raven Castle Gothic Grey Stripey
Benedetta Picture book author Augury Unconsciously repeats important things twice. Marzipan Sky Girly White Plain
Beryl Lawyer Short film festivals Likes anything new. Recently she's into saunas. Kanokoi Eastern Black Flowery
Bethan Managing director Cleaning Respects her mother the most out of anyone in the world. Chorale Feminine Deep-blue Minimal
Bhavna Shop assistant Shopping Picks all the strawberries out of the shortcake. Marble Lily Baby doll White Flowery
Binita Sweet shop owner Fast food Every year she vows to keep a daily diary. Marzipan Sky Girly Beige Hearts
Blanca Hotel worker Aromatherapy An avid seashell collector. The biggest one in her collection is 80cm long. StageDive Rock Gold Check
Bobbie Dietician Sauna Has a taste for ice cream. Her fridge is always well stocked with it. Raven Candle Gothic Black Stripey
Bonnie Patissier Board games Studying for a qualification in computers. Basic U Feminine Deep-blue Plain
Brenda Unemployed Cooking As forgetful as she is thrifty. Chorale Feminine Black Stripey
Briana Retail staff Musicals Has beautiful posture. Her back is always ramrod-straight. Raven Candle Gothic Black Pictures
Britta Receptionist Street parties Interested in the history behind festivals and holidays. Retrobeat Psychedelic Light-blue Stripey
Bronwyn Nurse Pressing flowers Comics fan. Can finish even the longest series in one go. AZ-USA Bold Purple Camo
Bryony Student Cycling Wants to redesgin her whole blog. Soy Boho-chic Deep-blue Stripey
Bunny Student Bargain hunting Has to eat at least three different types of fruit for breakfast. Chorale Feminine White Minimal
Bushra Student Watching films Uses every line when filling in forms. Basic U Basic Deep-blue Plain

C - D

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Caitlin School teacher Aromatherapy Loves Saturdays, finds Sunday evenings too lonely. Retrobeat Psychedelic White Stars
Camilla Lady of leisure Chess A classmate of Rosie's. Cares about her but doesn't show it. Marble Lily Baby doll Red Ribbons
Caoimhe Student Shopping Splurges her part-time job earnings as soon as she gets them. Marble Lily Baby doll White Flowery
Carmel Club DJ Street parties Can't stop laughing when she's hungry. AZ-USA Bold Green Check
Carmen Writer Glasswork Very thrifty. Sometimes treats herself with a good splurge. Enid Chen Chic Black Minimal
Caroline Student Strolling Has low blood pressure. Always reads before bed. Soy Boho-chic Khaki Camo
Carrie Student Yoga Her favorite TV show genre is 'slice of life'. Soy Boho-chic Grey Stripey
Cassidy Dog groomer Road trips Enjoys driving. Finds long night drives refreshing Retrobeat Psychedelic Silver Stripey
Cathy Office worker Travelling A big fan of action films Soy Boho-chic Purple Flowery
Cece Hairdresser Playing with dogs Expert hairdresser. Agonises over her indecisiveness. Retrobeat Psychedelic Orange Logo
Cecilia Student Sewing Likes toffee, and makes sure she always has a stash in her pocket. Basic U Basic Red Plain
Celia Student Reciting poetry Part-timer at the museum. A hard worker. Marzipan Sky Girly Beige Ribbons
Cerise Student Posting on social media Loves gaming. Can spend a whole day on a game she likes. Enid Chen Chic White Minimal
Chantelle Magazine editor Backgammon Close to Oliver. Strong-willed and hates to lose. Marzipan Sky Psychedelic Pink Dotty
Charity Student Mushroom picking Wants to start learning to play a musical instrument. Basic U Basic Brown Dotty
Charlene Librarian Paper craft Has abominable hayfever. Brooke Bridge Preppy Grey Stripey
Chelsea Student Dream interpretation Has a loud singing voice. Her speaking voice is almost a whisper. AZ-USA Bold Deep-blue Check
Cherie Antique Shop Staff Filmmaking Currently into making videos to upload to Mewtube. StageDive Rock Red Stripey
Cheryl Veterinarian Film viewings When she's tired, enjoys working up a sweat and exercising. Raven Candle Gothic Red Stripey
Chien Yu Dietician Marathon Running Aims to run a marathon in less than three hours. Raven Candle Gothic White Check
Chikako Rental Shop Assistant Keeping tropical fish Always ten minutes early to appointments. Marble Lily Baby doll Pink Stripey
Chisato Pet Shop Owner Going to concerts Expert at sleeping in. Marble Lily Baby Doll Pink Ribbons
Chloe Florist Flower arranging Likes to make witty remarks to TV programmes. Basic U Basic Beige Stripey
Christina Furniture shop staff Illustration Nocturnal. Hates the sun and all it stands for. April Bonbon Lively White Pictures
Cindy Student Barbecues Hill-walking fanatic. Plans to exhibit her photos of hill walkways. Raven Candle Gothic Black Plain
Claudia Furniture maker Tennis Planning to move house. Enjoys imagining how to furnish the new place. Retrobeat Psychedelic Purple Stars
Cleo Food van owner Cooking Thinks the mixer she bought recently is her best purchase ever. AZ-USA Bold Blue-Green Animal
Clover Student Diving Rosie's little sister. More mature than her sister. Longs for city life. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Flowery
Coletta Designer Going for walks Always reads on her commute. Basic U Basic Beige Plain
Colleen Restaurant owner Visiting spas Interested in history. Fascinated by old things. Enid Chen Chic Orange Animal
Connie Brand sales rep Taking photos Likes fruit and other colourful things. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Pictures
Cordelia Food stall owner Watching cartoons As contrary as she is ambitious. Retrobeat Psychedelic Brown? Complex?
Corinne Editing assistant Making pies Wishes she looked better in suits. StageDive Rock Red Pictures
Cornelia Student Treasure hunting Harvey's sister. Enjoys teasing her brother. Marble Lily Baby doll Red Dotty
Courtney Restaurant worker Going to cafes Can barely fit into her own bet, it's so full of soft toys Marzipan Sky Girly Yellow-green Check
Cynthia Language teacher Overseas travel Very easygoing. Doesn't listen to other people very much. Kanokoi Eastern Red Minimal
Dahlia Student Indie film festivals Wonders why the moon changes shape. StageDive Rock White Check
Daisy Musician Watching sports A born night owl. Has no idea how to cope with the daytime. StageDive Rock Deep-blue Stripey
Dan Chemist Driving Shamim's fiancé. Usually cultivates a rough and ready look. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Dani Student Making jewellery Very dreamy and loves fairytales. April Bonbon Lively Pink Dotty
Daniella Voice actress Watching cartoons Collects screws. Has great respect for the inventor of the screw. Raven Candle Gothic Black Plain
Daphne Student Spa tours Has got used to living by herself. Soy Boho-chic Khaki Animal
Darcie Student Baking bread Once rode a bike for a full day. Marzipan Sky Girly Light-blue Dotty
Davina Supermarket staff Cycling Likes to look at the night sky. The sight of twinkling stars makes her happy. Raven Candle Gothic White Stripey
Deepti Dog groomer Fancy dress Once spent a whole day talking to a parrot. Marble Lily Baby doll Magenta Minimal
Demi Shop staff Online gaming Puts ketchup on her pasta, regardless of the friends she loses. Brooke Bridge Preppy Light-blue Check
Denise Copywriter Cooking Her cooking specialty is paella. Particularly enjoys deveining shrimp AZ-USA Bold Deep-blue Minimal
Derek Camera salesman Pottery Likes photography and pottery. Finds them quite similar. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Diana Lawyer Sunday drives Speaks slowly, but thinks quickly. AZ-USA Bold Orange Stripey
Ding Pet sitter Travelling overseas Can never get the timing right when she has to step onto escalators. StageDive Rock Purple Stripey
Donna CG Artist Reading chick lit Camping fanatic. Likes to eat outside, surrounded by nature. Retrobeat Psychedelic Purple Stripey
Doreen Dog groomer Growing herbs Prefers travelling by bus than by train. Always sits right at the front. Kanokoi Eastern Pink Flowery
Doris Student Visiting zoos Aims to live in a castle. Brooke Bridge Preppy Deep-blue Stripey
Dorothea Waitress Theme parks Loves tea. Believes it keeps her warm in winter and cool in summer. Raven Candle Gothic White Stripey

E - F

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Earl Shop Assistant Tennis A skilled tennis player. Used to want to go pro Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Eddie Manicurist Fantasy film festivals Interested in astronomy. Wants to go inside a black hole one day. StageDive Rock White Stripey
Effie Language teacher Diving Passionate about scents. The smell of chocolate is her favourite. Raven Candle Gothic Red Stripey
Eirin Student Growing vegetables Loves flea markets more than anything. Marble Lily Baby doll Deep-blue Pictures
Eleanor Student Ukulele Has a huge family. Very sharp-tongued. Basic U Basic White Animal
Eliza Brand sales rep Making costumes Shows up to fancy dress parties in homemade costumes. PURPLE MOON Psychedelic Gold Stars
Ella Dog groomer Collecting glasses Loves nail art. Feels that her femininity is power. Kanokoi Eastern Purple Minimal
Elsa Violinist Visiting art galleries Has never lifted anything heavier than a violin. Raven Castle Gothic Silver Plain
Elsie Student Yoga Loves fashion. Dreams of one day becoming a model. Marzipan Sky Girly White Stripey
Elysa DJ Going to the cinema Gets gloomy on rainy days. April Bonbon Lively Pink Hearts
Emiliana Logistics planner Art appreciation Obsessed with all kinds of mysteries. Chorale Feminine White Stripey
Emily Student Film production Working on making her own smartphone app. Raven Candle Gothic Blue-Green Stripey
Emma Student Drawing Records whole series of quiz shows and binge-watches them. April Bonbon Lively Pink Stripey
Emmy Private tutor Racing bikes Studying CG technique. Wants to beome an inventor. Chorale Feminine Orange Dotty
Erika Brand sales rep Making cheese Very actives all the time. On her days off she goes golfing with friends. Brooke Bridge Preppy Brown Check
Erin Stage actress Playing with cats A stage actress. Playing the lead role in her next production. Raven Candle Gothic Silver Plain
Erisa Dancer Karaoke Dancer with NIN10 Pro. Her fate is somehow related to the number 11 AZ-USA Bold Black Complex
Estelle Weather forecaster Guitar A great believer in the power of positive thinking. Brooke Bridge Preppy Green Stripey
Ethan NIN10 Pro President Making good coffee President of NIN10 Pro. A man with very big dreams. Not telling! Chic Not telling! Not telling!
Fabrizio Security guard House parties Likes it when everyone is getting along. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Faith Waitress Reading dreams Vegetables are her favourite food, especially peppers. Kanokoi Eastern Deep-blue Flowery
Fern Day trader Saving money Uses her mouse with her left hand, but her pen with her right. AZ-USA Bold Yellow-green Camo
Fifi Student Visiting the zoo Dreams of travelling around the world in one week. Chorale Feminine White Plain
Fiona Cafe staff Picking strawberries Surprisingly good at handling fish. Brooke Bridge Preppy Black Check
Fiore Student Jogging Never throws anything away. Brooke Bridge Preppy Gold Check
Fliss Brand sales rep Fancy dress Likes eating. Likes sleeping. Not so big on working. Not telling! None Gold Minimal
Flo Producer House parties An animal lover. Owns horses. AZ-USA Bold Red Pictures
Flora Florist Making sweets Florian's sister. Wants to be a comedienne. Basic U Basic Green Flowery
Florian Florist Mountain climbing Flower shop manager. Always bright and happy. Appreciates bad puns. Not telling! Casual Not telling! Not telling!
Fortman Bodyguard Cleaning Yolanda's bodyguard. Has perfected the art of the poker face. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Frances Curator Relationship advice Tallulah's colleague. Secure in her femininity. Chorale Feminine Green Stripey
Francesca App developer Collecting antiques Her purse is stuffed full with loyalty cards. StageDive Rock Red Logo
Franny Picture book illustrator Comics A big online shopper. Always getting parcels. Enid Chen Chic Red Minimal
Freddie Brand sales rep Calligraphy Very good at sitting still. It helps her straighten out her feelings. Kanokoi Eastern White Flowery
Frida Shop staff Art Her savings don't often stay saved. Brooke Bridge Preppy Green Stripey

G - I

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Gabby PR staff Making desserts Spends all her time on social media. Chorale Feminine White Hearts
Gail Student Sitting in cafes Has a weakness for sales. Buys too much of any discounted item. Enid Chen Chic Red Minimal
Galliard Composer Gardening Johann's student, a young composer. Greatly respects his teacher. Not telling! Casual Not telling! Not telling!
Genevieve Confectioner Bread making Absolute fiend for rollercoasters. Marble Lily Baby doll Red Check
Georgie Architect Spa weekends Her handwriting is so messy that it takes her hours to decode it. StageDive Rock Yellow Check
Geriant Researcher Sleeping Can sleep anywhere, but is hyper-aware when focused. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Gerty Illustrator Growing herbs Visits a fortune teller regularly once a month. StageDive Rock Gold Check
Gillian Grace Acclaimed actress Aromatherapy Prize-winning actress. A woman of true class. Enid Chen Chic Red Check
Gina Baker Pop star trivia Gets bored of any hobby within a week. Marble Lily Baby doll Pink Animal
Ginger Brand sales rep Speed guitar Dreams of taking the stage one day with her guitar. StageDive Rock Black  Check
Gita Pastry chef Visiting cafés Likes cliffs and vanilla slices. Not keen on chocolate. Kanokoi Eastern Grey Flowery
Glenda Student Going to music festivals Very shy. Plans her dream wedding in her spare time. Chorale Feminine Deep-blue Dotty
Glenn Café staff Making meringues A big bread lover. Rye bread is her favourite. Kanokoi Eastern Grey Flowery
Graham Dentist Drawing pictures Collects antique furniture. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Greg Dairy farmer Stargazing A romantic at heart. Recites poems at night while stargazing. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Gwen Student Playing card games Molly's sister. Head of the school photography club. Brooke Bridge Preppy White Flowery
Hafsa Businesswoman Visiting new places Recently landed a job in town. Still new to city life. Marzipan Sky Girly White Flowery
Harmony Songwriter Thermal spas Has an amazing memory, but frequently forgets things. StageDive Rock Orange Dotty
Harue Restaurant staff Mountain climbing Only steps on escalators with her left foot. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Stripey
Harvey Student Cooking Cornelia's brother. In the athletics club. Fancies another member. Not telling! Casual Not telling! Not telling!
Hayley Magazine editor Reading Has done a lot of odd jobs. Has experience in 27 types of job. AZ-USA Bold White Stripey
Hazel Student Throwing house parties Not very good at maths or map-reading, but a fantastic cook. Kanokoi Eastern Purple Stripey
Heath Student Being thrifty Rosie's little brother. A bit cheeky. Studying to take over the family farm. Not telling! Casual Not telling! Not telling!
Heather Producer Visiting ruins A big coffee drinker. Tries to limit herself to three cups a day. Enid Chen Chic Yellow-green Stripey
Heidi Advertising staff Mountaineering Talks a lot, and very quickly. StageDive Rock Black Stripey
Helen Promoter Handicrafts All her bookshelves are arranged in alphabetical order. Basic U Basic White Minimal
Henry Chemist Travel When told not to do something he immediately wants to... but resists. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Hibiki Nurse Overseas trips Very caring and a good teacher. Chorale Feminine Black  Plain
Hikari Shopkeeper Hoarding Studies every weekend with her sister. Marble Lily Baby doll White Flowery
Hilary Chemist Games Very hasty. Always jumping to conclusions. Chorale Feminine White Camo
Hitomi Pet shop owner Challenges Momo's sister. Aiming to become a professional singer. Chorale Feminine Green Stripey
Hope Estate agent Theme parks Spends her weekends holed up in the library. Basic U Basic Pink Minimal
Hugh App developer Cameras Scared of bugs. Will run away if he sees a big one. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Huiting Unemployed Comedy shows Only eats peas in even numbers. Only eats odd numbers of sweetcorn. April Bonbon Lively Light-blue Check
Imani Supermarket worker Photography Loves shampoo in all its varieties. Marzipan Sky Girly Beige Animal
Imogen Pizzaria owner Travel Thinks that a latte after a bath is one of life's greatest pleasures. April Bonbon Lively Light-blue Dotty
Inge Student Watching films Wants to exhibit her collection of sky photos. Marble Lily Baby doll Purple Pictures
Isolde Dance school teacher Driving Like a big sister to all her friends. A skilled driver. Retrobeat Psychedelic Purple Dotty
Ivy Bank employee Hot yoga Legendarily good at making Yorkshire puddings. Marble Lily Baby doll Pink Ribbons

J - L

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Jacqui Animator Reading A worrier. Worries about all the worries she has. Enid Chen Chic Beige Camo
Jade Interpreter Chess Collects seashells. Chorale Feminine White Plain
Jake Student Music appreciation Student. Worries about Tanita's school marks. Not telling! Casual Not telling! Not telling!
Jamie-Lee Estate agent Herbal tea Finds it satisfying to be entrusted with big projects. Enid Chen Chic Black Animal
Jana Librarian Fashion The best listener in the world. Never forgets what she hears. Marzipan Sky Girly Deep-blue Dotty
Janet Student Running A slow eater. Sleeps ten hours a day. Kanokoi Eastern Brown Pictures
Janice Receptionist Walking Receptionist, secretary and accountant for NIN10 Pro. Always worrying.  Brooke Bridge Preppy Red Minimal
Janine Advertising executive Collecting erasers Obsessed with stationery. Particularly fond of erasers. Retrobeat Psychedelic Blue-Green Dotty
Jasmin Sales staff Knitting Uploads three days' worth of blog posts at a time. Soy Boho-chic Light-blue Flowery
Jay Bank clerk Paragliding Loves the feeling he gets from flying. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Jayda Student Ballet Spends at least an hour in the bath. Brooke Bridge Preppy Magenta Check
Jayne Architect Classics Dreams of living in a house that she's designed herself. Soy Boho-chic Light-blue Flowery
Jean Student Going out to eat Keeps up meticulously with the weekly music charts. Brooke Bridge Preppy Pink Check
Jeff Police officer Cycling Loves working up a sweat. Can't stay awake if he's tired. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Jem Student Aromatherapy Laughs a lot. A big fan of comedians. Brooke Bridge Preppy Brown Check
Jemima Magazine editor Film editing Hopeless with directions. Rarely gets where she wants to go. Marzipan Sky Girly White Check
Jenn Writer Internet Likes visiting theme parks on weekends with her sister. Basic U Basic Khaki Dotty
Jenna Student Admiring the stars Likes to spend all day looking at the sky. April Bonbon Lively Red Logo
Jerri Web designer Bikes Loves going on long tours. StageDive Rock Black Stars
Jessica Budding pop star Sightseeing Wants to be a pop star. On the audition circuit April Bonbon Lively Green Dotty
Jewel Fishmonger Eating desserts Has random bouts of cheerfulness. Not a fan of historical dramas. PURPLE MOON Bold White Stars
Jiamin Dental assistant Listening to music Has way too much stationary. Marzipan Sky Girly Beige Ribbons
Jill Student Watching cartoons Reading the editorials is her favourite part of the newspapers. Basic U Basic Light-blue Plain
Jim Photography Sleeping NIN10 Pro's photographer. Rarely talks about anything other than work. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Jo Part-timer Visiting new places Changes. StageDive Rock Light-blue Check
Jocelyn Office worker Picking flowers Kay's colleague. A very caring person. Chorale Feminine Deep-blue Plain
Jodie Artist Five-a-side football Currently studying for her language exams. Brooke Bridge Preppy Deep-blue Check
Joe Doctor Gardening Likes sports a lot. Prefers watching to playing, though. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Joel Zookeeper Saving money Likes taking care of things. A huge fan of animals. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Johann Composer Science His weirdness is outweighed by his genius. A successful composer. Not telling! Chic Not telling! Not telling!
Jolene Waitress Skiing Always puts jam on her scones before the cream. Basic U Basic Khaki Stripey
Juanita Student Games Can manage 50 skips with a skipping rope. Marzipan Sky Girly White Ribbons
Judy App developer Barbecues Gets sad whenever she drops her smartphone. AZ-USA Bold Blue-Green Logo
Juliana Dog groomer Collecting tea Likes to be sure where the nearest bathroom is on her commute. AZ-USA Bold Pink Camo
Julie Accounting manager Going for strolls When it comes to sandwiches, egg is her only choice. Marble Lily Baby doll Pink Animal
Juliet Receptionist DIY Walks like a model, even if she's just going to the shops. Brooke Bridge Preppy Orange Check
Julisa Writer Reading Her alarm has to go off three times before she gets up. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Dotty
Jun DJ Going out to eat Kind of clumsy. Loves anything sweet. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
June Producer Playing guitar Cleaning gives her energy. Basic U Basic White Stripey
Juno Temp Hiking Always gets a bit melancholic around ports and harbours. Basic U Basic Brown Check
K.C. Nursery helper Making jam Never forgets to do her stretches before bed. Basic U Basic Yellow-green Dotty
Kalei Barista Cycling Always forgetting what she has in the fridge. Brooke Bridge Preppy Grey Check
Kamala Security guard Sauna Can walk five steps doing a handstand. Marzipan Sky Girly White Hearts
Kara Private tutor Montaineering Fiercely competitive. Marble Lily Baby doll Pink Check
Kareena Clerk Composing music Adept at mental arithmetic. An eternal optimist. Basic U Basic Khaki Plain
Karly Brand sales rep Embroidery Likes flowers, and loves the bugs that come to them. Marzipan Sky Girly Light-blue Dotty
Katie Student Watching cartoons Can do a headstand for five minutes. Marble Lily Baby doll White Check
Katrina Comic book artist Glasswork Tends to stock up on chocolate as deadlines approach. AZ-USA Bold Deep-blue Logo
Katya Journalist Artisan coffee Takes care to repair and care for her favourite clothes. AZ-USA Bold Red Check
Kay Office worker Diving A hard worker who enjoys life. Trying hard to overcome her shyness. Basic U Basic Deep-blue Plain
Kayleigh Illustrator Walking dogs Always gets the urge to run when she sees the setting sun. April Bonbon Lively Pink Stripey
Keana Tour guide Travelling overseas Obsessed with board games. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Flowery
Keira Nightclub DJ Reading mysteries Useless in the morning. Gets woken up daily by her little brother. Retrobeat Psychedelic Black Stars
Kelly Receptionist Aromatherapy A fan of walking. Particularly good at foot massages. Kanokoi Eastern Yellow-green Camo
Kelsie Housewife Flower arranging Finds Michel's bread magnifique. Soy Boho-chic Blue-green Stripey
Kevani Office worker Beauty She's not dressing for anyone else but herself. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Pictures
Kez Brand sales rep High quality fashion Surprisingly thrifty. Does her household accounts every day. Enid Chen Chic Orange Minimal
Kiki Summers Fashion mag editor Visiting art galleries Editor-in-chief of the world-famous fashion magazine Style Boutique. Enid Chen Chic Black Animal
Kimberly Programmer Visiting art museums Enjoys looking at clouds. Spends as much time as possible cloud-watching. Enid Chen Chic Grey Animal
Kiran Theatre actress Going to the theatre Considers herself a student of comedy. Basic U Basic Green Minimal
Koji Barista Running Calls himself a doer, not a thinker. A man of action. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Krisha Student Skiing Wants to study abroad one day. Marzipan Sky Girly White Flowery
Krissi Ice cream seller Gardening Refuses to eat any orange food. April Bonbon Lively Pink Logo
Kristin Clothing shop staff Flea markets Has a lot of clothes. Rents a separate room just to keep them all in. Raven Candle Gothic Black Flowery
Krystal Student Collecting anything Loves girly nights, because she always gets to organise them Enid Chen Chic Deep-blue Flowery
Kyong Chemist Sauna Has a microscope, and uses it to observe everything she can. Retrobeat Psychedelic Black Stripey
Lacey Student Figure skating Has a ridiculously large repertoire of trivia knowledge. Soy Boho-chic Brown Stripey
Laetitia Primary school teacher Rock climbing Very speedy typist. Chorale Feminine Beige Check
Lara Construction worker Gardening Gets on well with her sister, but their tastes in food are opposites. Kanokoi Eastern Purple Flowery
Larissa Student Football Believes that you are what you eat. Soy Boho-chic Blue-green Stripey
Latisha Student Violin Has three sugars in her coffee. Marzipan Sky Girly White Stripey
Lauren Student Going to the cinema Gets on well with her sister. Has a healthy appetite. Chorale Feminine White Stripey
Leah Accountant Snowboarding Loves the candyfloss at fairgrounds. Basic U Basic Magenta Check
Lee Scriptwriter Driving Daydreams while he walks. Gets lost in his thoughts... and his walks. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Leila Magazine model Visiting art galleries A famous magazine model. Elsie admires her greatly. AZ-USA Bold White Animal
Leire Manicurist Growing herbs Currently trying to grow lemongrass and mint. Retrobeat Psychedelic Deep-blue Check
Leoni Student Hula dancing Dreams of finding the end of a rainbow. Retrobeat Psychedelic Yellow-green Dotty
Lettie Brand sales rep Backpacking Likes to see flowers and plants blooming around the city. Chorale Prelude Feminine Green Flowery
Li Student Drums Collects magazine supplements. April Bonbon Lively Pink Logo
Libby Secretary Social media Likes new things, and is always buying them. Kanokoi Eastern White Plain
Liberty Pianist Softball Wishes she could sleep till noon on Sundays. Soy Boho-chic White Dotty
Lilia Designer Collecting foreign mags Washes her hands for 15 seconds when she gets home. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Flowery
Lily Illustrator Gardening Feels unsettled when she doesn't have a definite goal. Enid Chen Chic Brown Stripey
Lindsay Dancer Crashing house parties Burps whenever she drinks anything carbonated. StageDive Rock Red Check
Lisa Brand sales rep Making doll houses Not a fan of sunshine. Never leaves home without her parasol. Marble Lily Baby doll White Flowery
Liu Restaurant owner Aromatherapy A true realist. Enjoys saving money and seeing her savings increase. StageDive Rock Red Stripey
Livia Student Collecting stationery Determined to cross a desert one day. Basic U Basic Yellow Stripey
Liz Unemployed Gardening Finds the end of summer to be the saddest time of year. Basic U Basic Light-blue Minimal
Lorelei Beautician Yoga Owner of the beautician's. Enid Chen Bold Gold Animal
Lorina Composer Astrology The hotter the curry, the more she likes it. Enid Chen Chic Khaki Stripey
Lorna Art shop staff Collecting coins Gets on well with her siblings. Her little brother is too adorable. Retrobeat Psychedelic Green Logo
Lotte Domestic help Grocery shopping Likes being fashionable. Likes knick knacks. Loves parties. Raven Candle Gothic Purple Flowery
Lou Musician Comedy film festivals Scared of strangers, but won't shut up around friends. StageDive Rock Black Check
Love Unemployed Foreign literature Loves newsagents that sell pick 'n' mix. Chorale Feminine Magenta Plain
Luana Student Going to the cinema Can communicate with cats. Gets all her local gossip from them. AZ-USA Bold Black  Animal
Lucia Café staff Arcade games Recently started keeping a household account book. Brooke Bridge Preppy Red Stripey
Lucille Unemployed Making albums Dreams of owning an SLR camera. Soy Boho-chic Red Camo
Lucinda Budding actress Watching plays Sits by the fire all winter and won't leave it. Chorale Feminine Black Hearts
Lucy Tour guide Travel Enjoys eating local delicacies whenever she travels. Kanokoi Eastern Purple Flowery
Luisa Lorry driver Going out to eat Likes walking around cities she doesn't know. AZ-USA Bold Orange Logo
Luke Producer Strolling Great at impressions. Would rather drink tea than coffee. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Lydia DJ Collecting perfumes Likes nothing more than a good barbecue party. Brooke Bridge Preppy Deep-blue Dotty

M - N

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Maddy Businesswoman Dance Angsts over the lack of free space in her smartphone. Brooke Bridge Preppy White Stripey
Madeira Patissier Baking cakes Owns the cake shop with her husband. Rarely talks but is an expert baker. Marzipan Sky Girly White Flowery
Maeve Critic Glasswork Has a thing for valleys. Finds the sight of rivers to be spiritually healing. Raven Candle Gothic Purple Stripey
Malika Receptionist Going out to eat Likes meat more than fish. Enjoys rich flavours. Kanokoi Eastern Yellow Minimal
Mareike Musician Music appreciation Recently she's worried about her stiff shoulders. Chorale Feminine Orange Animal
Margot Celestial Hotel owner Making sweets Manager of the Celestial Hotel. Yolanda's mother. Chorale Feminine Silver Dotty
Mariah Writer Visiting the zoo Gets bored whenever she looks at things that aren't moving. Kanokoi Eastern Deep-blue Minimal
Marie Essayist Bikram yoga Loves vinegar and will put it on everything. Retrobeat Psychedelic Purple Pictures
Mariko Clerk Going to the zoo Has a season pass to her favourite theme park. Marzipan Sky Girly Yellow Stripey
Marina Dietician Chess Wants to be a model. Dreams of appearing in magazines. AZ-USA Bold Khaki Animal
Marjan Director Zen meditation Rubbish at maths, but a great speed reader. Brooke Bridge Preppy Pink Minimal
Marjorie Secretary Camping At her happiest when outdoors. Inspired to joy by good weather. Chorale Feminine Pink Minimal
Martha Student Puddings Currently learning to bake leavened breads. Basic U Basic Brown Dotty
Martin Student Mountain climbing If he sees a cliff, he wants to climb it. Will eat anything. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Martine Romantic novelist Massage A romance novelist, but her own love life is a late bloomer. Enid Chen Chic Gold Plain
Maru Dancer Massage Dance instructor. Serious about preventing muscle stiffness. AZ-USA Bold Red Stripey
Mary Dry cleaner Film viewings Good with numbers. Not so good in the kitchen. AZ-USA Bold Purple Pictures
Matilda Snack stall owner Long walks anywhere Has deep feelings about oxtail soup. Wishes she could eat it every day. Enid Chen Chic Deep-blue Minimal
Matt Director Fishing Once collided with Kay after she left the boutique. Very unlucky. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Maureen Writer Travel Visits river sources. So far, she's been to 32 of them. AZ-USA Bold Green Minimal
Mavis Sales staff Pressing flowers A very slow walker. Gets lost frequently. Kanokoi Eastern Brown Minimal
Maxine Culinary researcher Social media Doesn't bother measuring things when cooking - she has a good eye. Retrobeat Psychedelic Pink Pictures
May Student Making sweets Has never been able to master making banana muffins. Soy Boho-chic Brown Plain
Meesh Florist Ballet Painfully shy. Marble Lily Baby doll Light-blue Check
Meg Entrepreneur Grocery shopping Gives her cat a luxurious massage every day. Basic U Basic White Stripey
Megan Clothing shop staff Gardening Cultivates tomatoes. Enjoys observing them each day. StageDive Rock Yellow Check
Melanie Student Watching sports Not very good at tying her shoelaces. They always come undone. AZ-USA Bold Black Animal
Melinda Student Tennis Always wondering what's outside the universe. Marble Lily Baby doll Light-blue Dotty
Melissa App development Social media A keen linguist. She speaks eight languages. Kanokoi Eastern Green Check
Melody Student Cooking As soon as she steps onto a train, she gets sleepy. Raven Candle Gothic Black Flowery
Melvin Defender of Earth Building scale models Alina's fandom friend. Hardcore fan of Wars of the Space Knights. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Mica Clothing shop staff Singing in the bath Not very good at taking trains, much prefers to travel by bike. AZ-USA Bold Brown Stripey
Michel Baker Poety and bonsai Has a unique sense of humour. Paints on weekdays. Not telling! Chic Not telling! Not telling!
Mike Patissier Running Owns the cake shop with his wife. Very sociable. Mans the counter. Not telling! Casual Not telling! Not telling!
Miki Student Online gaming Finds the sight of meteor showers very moving. April Bonbon Lively Orange Check
Mikiko Stage director Overseas travelling Stage director. Obsessed with her lucky number. Enid Chen Chic Black Complex
Millie Student Gardening Trying to work out what to get her dad for his birthday. Soy Boho-chic Black Animal
Mina Office worker Travelling An office worker who loves to travel, especially to places she hasn't been. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Check
Min-Kyung Magician Eating desserts Has incredibly nimble fingers. April Bonbon Lively Light-blue Pictures
Mirabel Student Yoga Very attuned to sounds. Has to wear earplugs to sleep. Kanokoi Eastern Yellow Dotty
Miranda Food technologist Making collages Does daily stretches to keep fit and limber. Soy Boho-chic Brown Flowery
Misato Student Cooking Loves organising school events. Marzipan Sky Girly Deep-blue Check
Missy Nursery school teacher Visiting aquariums The smell of her hands changes according to the temperature of the air. StageDive Rock Black Stripey
Mitchell Locksmith Fishing Nimble-fingered. His signature dish is beef stew. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Molly Student Composing music This year she's starting at the same school as her older sister. April Bonbon Lively Purple Plain
Momo Pet shop owner Drawing pictures Hitomi's sister. Wants to help her sister become a singer. StageDive Rock Black  Animal
Mona TV station staff Massage A total pushover. Has two dogs. Retrobeat Psychedelic Pink Dotty
Monica Theme park staff Foreign travel Loves anything popular. Is always the first to jump on a trend. AZ-USA Bold Beige Check
Morganna Restaurant staff Pressing flowers Keeps rabbits. Takes them for walks every day. AZ-USA Bold White Animal
Morwenna Student Running Likes flowers. Buttercups are her favorites. Raven Candle Gothic White Minimal
Myra Reviewer Doing impressions Prefers to treat herself to one big thing rather than lots of little ones. Retrobeat Psychedelic White Stripey
Nadia Beautician Travelling abroad One year she took six holidays and went to 42 countries. Enid Chen Chic Black  Stripey
Nadine Essayist Museum tours Interested in all the signs around the city. StageDive Rock White Logo
Naomi Housekeeper Swimming No one makes better desserts than her. Marble Lily Baby doll White Stripey
Natalie Restaurant staff Sci-fi and fantasy Used to go to Tim's gigs. Was very impressed. Soy Boho-chic Khaki Stripey
Natasha Model Long drives A car-lover. Becomes a different person once she takes the wheel. Kanokoi Eastern Red Flowery
Nellie Student Reading novels Wants to visit a tropical island one day. April Bonbon Lively Light-blue Check
Nene Chef Photography Aims to walk 10,000 steps every day. Soy Boho-chic Purple Flowery
Nettie Writer Visiting aquariums Organises her class reunions. Brooke Bridge Preppy Deep-blue Stripey
Niamh Exhibition hall staff Chasing rainbows Works at the exhibition hall. Not telling! None Red Stripey
Nicole Unemployed Tropical fish Trying not to sneeze makes her laugh instead. Brooke Bridge Preppy Light-blue Stripey
Nicolette Fashion designer Watching films Really into pickling her own vegetables right now. Will pickle anything. Enid Chen Chic White Minimal
Nikita Manicurist Reading family sagas When it rains she stays indoors reading all day. StageDive Rock Yellow Stars
Nikki Nursery teacher Rare books Obsessed with birthday card designs. Chorale Feminine Light-blue Stripey
Nina Baker Collecting action figures Wants to be reincarnated as a stoat. Chorale Feminine Green Stripey
Nisha Patissier Driving Owns several high-quality sports cars. Raven Candle Gothic Red Ribbons
Nita Student Flower arranging Calms down whenever she sees a starry sky. Brooke Bridge Preppy White Minimal

O - P

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Olga Brand sales rep World travel Likes anything fragrant. Her favourite scents are rose and camellia. ARIANNA Chic Gold Plain
Oliver Model Running Model signed to NIN10 Pro. Very popular! Not telling! Chic Not telling! Not telling!
Olivia Student Chatting Audrey's sister. They get on well, but have opposite personalities. April Bonbon Lively Light-blue Stripey
Owen School teacher Listening to music Can sleep anywhere. Has even been known to sleep standing up. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Padma  Brand sales rep Modern dance Wishes she was cooler. Worries about hair frizziness. AZ-USA Bold Gold Animal
Paige Student Collecting hats. Always the one in charge of the remote at TV viewing parties. Basic U Basic Beige Plain
Patsy Police officer Sauna trips Has lovely heels. Every day she lavishes time and care on them. AZ-USA Bold Deep-blue Pictures
Patti Brand sales rep Palm reading Loves to watch scary films, but never alone. Raven Candle Gothic Black  Ribbons
Paul Firefighter Piano Musically talented. Belongs in an orchestra. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Paula Student Social media Must have mayonnaise with her dinner every single day. Retrobeat Psychedelic Gold Stripey
Pauline Student Karaoke Finds tropical fish intensely soothing. Soy Boho-chic Yellow-green Stripey
Pearl Theme park staff Jazz dancing Not shy at all. Can strike up a conversation with anyone at all. Retrobeat Psychedelic Purple Dotty
Peggy Piano teacher Eating healthy A hunt-and-peck style typist. Kanokoi Eastern Khaki Flowery
Penny Brand sales rep Volunteering In a cooking phase. Very picky about her ingredients. Basic U Basic White Plain
Pepita Manicurist Pressing flowers Distrusts lifts. Terrified by the way they float. AZ-USA Bold Black Logo
Petra Architect Volunteering Prefers handwriting to digital text. She'll forget if she doesn't write it down. Enid Chen Chic Brown Stripey
Petunia Storeroom staff Reading Eats two meals a day. Hates eating at noon. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Stripey
Philippa School Teacher Visiting art museums Has an extraordinary sense of balance, but can't ride a bike. AZ-USA Bold Orange Pictures
Phoebe Chemist Guitar Can't eat chips without salt. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Stripey
Pippa Lifestyle shop manager Decorating eggs Manager of the lifestyle shop. Has a passion for business. Basic U Basic Blue-Green Plain
Pixie Theatre actress Skiing Believes that all good things come to those who wait. Soy Boho-chic Green Plain
Polly Programmer Shopping Her new year's resolution is to watch more sports. April Bonbon Lively Red Dotty
Pollyanna Jewellery designer Gardening Grows roses. Gets excited when they bloom. Enid Chen Chic Gold Pictures
Portia School teacher Hoarding stationery Collecting eraser scrapings to make a new eraser from them. Enid Chen Chic Silver Animal
Preeya Waitress Visiting art galleries Needs to sit in corners to calm down. Marble Lily Baby doll Deep-blue Flowery
Princess Student Piano Amateur pianist. Tries to get out of carrying heavy things. Raven Candle Gothic Black  Stripey
Priscilla Driver Collecting cosmetics A wholehearted believer in parallel universes. Basic U Basic Orange Minimal
Pru Student Social media Likes reptiles, but hates insects. Kanokoi Eastern Purple Stripey

Q - S

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Raylene Maid Comics Spends her weekends gardening with her grandma. Marble Lily Baby doll Beige Dotty
Rebecca Student Collects glassware Prefers black tea with milk. Loves brightness. Chorale Feminine Brown Minimal
Reem Train driver Karaoke Rom-coms are her life. Marzipan Sky Girly Light-blue Dotty
Reiko Café staff Strength training Watches films with Svetlana. Moved by Yolanda's acting. StageDive Rock White Plain
Renasha Student Bicycles Incredibly fast at typing. Brooke Bridge Preppy Red Stripey
Rhianna Brand sales rep Tea Dreams of visiting historical sites all over the world. Soy Boho-chic Khaki Flowery
Rhoda Student Volunteering Can't see someone in trouble without wanting to help them. Raven Candle Gothic Black  Stripey
Richard CEO Going on tours Jo's brother. A rich investor. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Rita Student Piano Feels like it's not a real barbecue without seafood. Basic U Basic Green Plain
River Model Collecting postcards Has very dry skins, and moisturizes regularly. StageDive Rock Black Check
Robyn Student Photography Her secret skill is putting on solo fashion shows. Brooke Bridge Preppy Deep-blue Stripey
Rosaline Cook Cooking Doesn't know the difference between oysters and clams. Soy Boho-chic Yellow-green Flowery
Rosie Student Strength training Changes. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Flowery
Rowan Secretary Spa visits Likes her bath as hot as she can stand it. Retrobeat Psychedelic Khaki Stripey
Roxanne Police officier Hot yoga Does a 5km run every morning. Enid Chen Chic Brown Flowery
Roxie Geologist Golf Eats the yolk of her eggs first, without fail. Marzipan Sky Girly White Plain
Ruihang Report Watching films Watches around 200 films every year. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Ruth Nursery school teacher Diving Leaves the strawberries on the shortcake for last. Enid Chen Chic White Minimal
Sabine Student Cartoon theme songs Her favourite place to read is on riverbanks. Basic U Basic Beige Stripey
Sachi Sandwich shop staff Watching cartoons Expert at making pictures in latte foam. Always adds chocolate powder. Retrobeat Psychedelic Pink Dotty
Sadie Estate agent Climbing mountains At her happiest when surveying the world from a mountain top. Retrobeat Psychedelic Pink Pictures
Sadiq Musician Magic tricks Keyboardist at NIN10 Pro. Amateur magician. Not telling! Casual Not telling! Not telling!
Saffron Police officer Reading Wishes she could live a self-sufficient life. Grows her own tomatoes. Enid Chen Chic Blue-green Stripey
Safia Clerk Cooking Moved at the sight of people doing their best. Marzipan Sky Girly Pink Check
Sakura Postwoman Reading Spends a lot of time staring into space. Has few friends. Basic U Basic White Plain
Sam Security guard Internet Needs to stop impulse-buying leeks. Brooke Bridge Preppy White Check
Sanam Waitress Conversation Desperate to totally refresh her wardrobe. Soy Boho-chic Purple Stripey
Sandra Web designer Camping A skilled artist. Especially good at portraits. Enid Chen Chic Red Ribbons
Sanjay Museum curator Violin Can't remember anything unless it interests him. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Sapphire Student Theme parks Likes train stations. Wants to visit stations in every country. Kanokoi Eastern Pink Pictures
Sara Editor Basketball Obsessed with a journaling app. Soy Boho-chic Magenta Flowery
Savannah Retail worker Nail art Very forgetful. Has to write reminders for anything she needs to do. Raven Candle Gothic White Check
Savka Computer saleswoman World cuisine Plays badminton in the park on her days off. Marzipan Sky Girly Deep-blue Stripey
Saya Dancer Retail therapy Dancer with NIN10 Pro. She feels a strange affinity for the number 11. AZ-USA Bold Black Plain
Scarlet Hotel worker Guitar Practices in a band with her friends in her free time. Raven Candle Gothic Black Stripey
Scott Musician Visiting spas Drummer at NIN10 Pro. Likes visiting spas. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Selena Beautician Doing manicures Her skin can't handle the sun - she burns in seconds. Raven Candle Gothic Black Animal
Selma Project planner Visiting spas Her burger of choice is the classic cheeseburger. Chorale Feminine Beige Stripey
Serena Furniture shop staff Horror films Likes her pizza with everything on it. Chorale Feminine Black Check
Shamim School teacher Card games Dan's fiancée. Already preparing for the wedding. StageDive Rock Green Check
Sharla Model Eating gourmet meals Good friends with an owl. Marzipan Sky Girly Light-blue Check
Sharon Student Brass band A newbie stylista. Excited to try out lots of new clothes. Kanokoi Eastern Khaki Plain
Shauna Student Comics Eats an unbalanced diet. April Bonbon Lively Pink Check
Shayla Creator Snowboarding Her favourite motto is: Keep your eye on the ball. Brooke Bridge Preppy Magenta Check
Shayna Artist Eating desserts Does all her shopping online. Brooke Bridge Preppy Yellow Stripey
Shaz Theme park staff Tennis Eats one bowl of vegetables every day. Basic U Basic Magenta Minimal
Sheila Copywriter Tennis A party animal, whose goal is to know everyone. Retrobeat Psychedelic Red Check
Shelly Student Chatting Prefers custard to cream on her desserts. Basic U Basic Yellow-green Stripey
Shenice Unemployed Hatha yoga Does 40 press-ups a day without fail. April Bonbon Lively Yellow-green Dotty
Shilpa Illustrator Illustration Has a terrible fear of heights. April Bonbon Lively Deep-blue Hearts
Shirley Manager Interior design Owns a mountain. Enjoys hiking there. Enid Chen Chic Black Minimal
Shona Unemployed Mobile games Has over 100 loyalty cards. Basic U Basic Magenta Plain
Sinitta Student Stretching More of a dog person than a cat person. Marzipan Sky Girly White Flowery
Siobhan Student Flea markets Keeps her cosmetics in the fridge. April Bonbon Lively Pink Check
Sonia Student Growing herbs Want to touch a dolphin one day. Soy Boho-chic Brown Flowery
Stacey Librarian Archaeological digs Loves old maps, and knows all about how old buildings were built. Retrobeat Psychedelic Brown Check
Steve Musician Swimming Keeps piranhas and goldfish... in separate tanks. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Sue Nursery teacher Social media presence Getting new followers on social media makes her happy. StageDive Rock Red Check
Summer Doctor Ceramics Loves ceramics. Is at her happiest drinking coffee from a mug she made. Raven Candle Gothic White Stripey
Sun Part time shop staff Digging for clams Laughs when she doesn't understand something. Chorale Feminine White Check
Sunita Cake shop owner Festivals Wants to touch an owl one day. Marble Lily Baby doll Light-blue Stripey
Susanne Barista Fancy dress Recently into nail care and nail art. Retrobeat Psychedelic Purple Dotty
Susie Picture book writer Collecting stamps Wears out the heels of her shoes quickly and has to take them for repair. AZ-USA Bold White Animal
Susmita Antique shop staff Travel Hates milk and aubergines. Marble Lily Baby doll Yellow Flowery
Svetlana Office worker Go-karting Film aficionado. Fan of an action film star. Basic U Basic Red Dotty
Sybil Student Playing with cats Gets on with the cats in the park. Drinks tea on a bench every day. Enid Chen Chic Black Stripey

T - V

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Tabitha Cook Going to the Sauna Only believes the good parts of her horoscope. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Dotty
Takako Gadget shop staff Collecting stickers Greets everyone she meets with her own personal catchphrase. Marzipan Sky Girly Red Minimal
Talia Baker Grocery shopping Has a great appreciation for antique furniture. Raven Candle Gothic Black Stripey
Tallulah Museum curator Bug collecting An insect researcher who works at a museum. Has seen the light of fashion. Basic U Basic Green Flowery
Tameka Student Reading Won't accept a pizza without pineapple. Marble Lily Baby doll White Flowery
Tammy Piano teacher Flower arranging Has four pianos. Plays a different one depending on her mood that day. Enid Chen Chic Orange Plain
Tasmin Student Cafe visits Selfish when it comes to her big brother. A bit spoilt. StageDive Rock Purple Stripey
Tamwar Waiter Stargazing A waiter at the café. Very diligent about his work. Not telling! Chic Not telling! Not telling!
Tanita Student Shaking hands Style-smart, but her school marks could use some work. AZ-USA Bold Black  Animal
Tanya Student Swimming Walks 10km to get to school. April Bonbon Lively Light-blue Pictures
Tara Counsellor Visiting parks A legend at winning prizes at fairgrounds. Soy Boho-chic Khaki Stripey
Tasleem Student Bikram yoga Sleeps till noon on Saturdays. April Bonbon Lively Yellow Stripey
Tatiana Jewellery designer Glasswork Likes sapphires. Love amethysts. Mad for diamonds. AZ-USA Bold Gold Animal
Ted Pianist Touring Beautiful fingers. Cares for each of them to the tip. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Tegan Student Fancy cameras Her handbag is heavy with all the cosmetics she carries around. AZ-USA Bold Yellow Logo
Terra Student Pickling vegetables Wants to live in a kingdom of desserts. Soy Boho-chic Yellow-green Flowery
Terri Postal worker Walking dogs Always checks the bestseller list. Soy Boho-chic Khaki Flowery
Tessa Lyle Popular model Yoga Highly popular model for a famous brand. AZ-USA Bold Purple Complex
Tia Student Watching sports Rugby fan. Watching it calms her down. Raven Candle Gothic Black Animal
Tilly Team mascot Stargazing Often has dreams where she can fly. April Bonbon Lively Green Minimal
Tim Wanderer Karaoke Your uncle! Loves music and travel more than is boutique. Not telling! Chic Not telling! Not telling!
Tonia Pharmacist Camping Doesn't feel right unless she has a two-hour bath every day. Retrobeat Psychedelic Purple Pictures
Tony Architect Golf Pretty good in the mornings. Useless at night. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Toshiko Student Singing arias Every year her new year's resolution is to keep a daily blog. Marzipan Sky Girly Beige Stars
Tricia Student Making puddings Expert at finding shortcuts. Often gets lost. Kanokoi Eastern White Plain
Trina Inventor Visiting museums Finds the little blinking light on the router adorable. AZ-USA Bold Brown Stripey
Trinnie Student Going to parties Has no idea of her own schedule. Chorale Feminine Brown Animal
Una Student Curling Her favourite month of the year is April Chorale Feminine White Flowery
Valerie Stage actress Social media Enjoys singing. On her days off she does vocal exercises in the park. Raven Candle Gothic Silver Animal
Verity Student Darts Sings with more enthusiasm than accuracy. Chorale Feminine Orange Stripey
Veronica Dog trainer Collecting antiques Doesn't like being below ground. Hate heights. Kanokoi Eastern Brown Flowery
Vicky Sales staff Golf Has perfect eyesight. 20/20 in both eyes. Enid Chen Chic Red Minimal
Victoria Student Jogging Her secret superpower is that she gives the best massages. Marble Lily Baby doll Beige Ribbons
Vincent Musician Photography Friend of Jo's. Doesn't talk much. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Violet Waitress Camping Sleeps in an awkward position once a month and cricks her neck. Marzipan Sky Girly Light-blue Check
Vivienne Bank clerk Stand-up comedy Does a surprisingly good impression of road signs. Kanokoi Eastern Purple Stripey

W - Z

Name Job Hobby Description Fav. Brand Fav. Style Fav. Colour Fav. Pattern
Warittha Student Poetry Eats jelly babies from the bottom up. Marble Lily Baby doll White Flowery
Wendy Student Window shopping Gets out of bed at 7AM every morning like clockwork. Chorale Feminine Grey Stripey
Will Actor Cooking Looks like a movie star. Says he's going to be one. Not telling! None Not telling! Not telling!
Willow Aquarium staff Spa visits Has to start her day with bacon and eggs. Brooke Bridge Preppy Deep-blue Stripey
Xiaobai Menswear shop owner Saving money Manager of the menswear shop. Not good at improvising. Not telling! Bold Not telling! Not telling!
Yolanda Heiress Perusing cafés Changes. AZ-USA Feminine Deep-blue Minimal
Yui Aesthetician Photographing comets Has low blood pressure in the mornings. Brooke Bridge Preppy Magenta Logo
Yuki Student Calligraphy Gets emotional thinking about the size of the university library. Soy Boho-chic Orange Plain
Yukiko Student Aromatherapy Loves free bread at restaurants. Chorale Feminine Grey Flowery
Yulia Mirova Tennis player Nail art Tennis player. Finished second in the world championship. April Bonbon Lively White Plain
Yumiko Student Driving Loves foot and back massages. Brooke Bridge Preppy Red Stripey
Yvette Regnier Society belle Cooking fish dishes High society darling. Passionate about charity work. Chorale Feminine Magenta Animal
Zadia Illustrator TV show appreciation Changes train at every station. Marble Lily Baby doll Blue-Green Pictures
Zainab Student Piano Loves perusing picture books at the library. Marble Lily Baby doll Deep-blue Stripey
Zalia Student Tarot Dreams of visiting uninhabited islands. Marble Lily Baby doll Silver Check
Zara Student Shouting at the sea Wants to become a model just like Elsie. Brooke Bridge Preppy Deep-blue Check
Zuleika Student Sleeping Speaks slowly. A very calm person. Marzipan sky Girly Brown Flowery