Style Boutique Wiki

The player is the character that you will use throughout the game.


In the beginning, you will be asked to type in your character's name. There are nine spaces.

After that, you will be asked to select your character's birthday.

The customization options. Note that the starting outfit pack can't be changed later.

After you meet Sophie you will select one thing from each department to personalise your character's appearance. While you are choosing you won't be able to see your character but don't worry you will see her appearance and change it before you start playing. Unfortunately, you can't change some things throughout the game e.g. face shape, eye shape, lip shape and height. You can't be a male character in the game either. But once you unlock make-up and hair-dresser you can obviously wear new make-up and get different hairstyles. In the make-up area, you can change eyebrow shape, eye colour, eye-liner, eyeshadow, lipstick etc.

After beating the game, much like the previous games, you can edit your character's face shape and other physical attributes from the 'Other' menu on the title screen.