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This page is about the Player Character appearing in New Style Boutique.

In all the Style Boutique games, the one playable character is a female avatar. At the start of the game, there is always an option to customise her appearance to the player's liking. This article focuses on the playable character in New Style Boutique.


Occupation: part-time Assistant at Verano (former), boutique manager (current)


Beginning of the game appearance options

Face shape Eyes Eye colour
Eyebrows Mouth Skin tone
Hairstyle Hair colour Height

Face shape x3 - Eyes x25 - Eye colour x4

Eyebrows x3 - Mouth x15 - Skin tone x8

Hairstyle x6 - Hair colour x4 - Height x3


Unlike both Style Boutique and New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward, the player in this game seems to be a silent protagonist. The only time she may speak is in a Dilemma situation, where she can say one of two sentences to suit the sitation.




  • The Player and Evie have the same mobile phone model.