Radiance is a song featured in New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star, sung in the Gothic genre by the character Alina or Alinatron (English: Koto, Japanese: Hiiragi, Yuka).


I can hear your resonating voice
Bringing back sweet memories
All the overwhelming words of joy
My heart couldn't take...and now I know

You're the only one, that special one (I can just be myself, and nobody else but myself)
Made me who I am and taught me to be (just me)

Everything I want, everything I dream
Is with you (only you)
I could never tell anybody else
'Bout my dreams ('bout my dreams)

I just wanna see...
Is it gonna be you and me (you and me)
So I'll sing (so I'll sing) this song


Style Savvy- Styling Star - Radiance

Style Savvy- Styling Star - Radiance