Style Boutique Wiki

Renée is a main character appearing in Style Boutique.

She also appears in New Style Boutique.


Renée was Grace's employee, before starting to work at the Player's boutique.

In New Style Boutique, she appears at the boutique expressing shock that Evie was the one who trained the Player in fashion. She then demands a Bold hooded top. When she is satisfied, soon after Dominic will appear wanting an outfit, and then Grace.


(New Style Boutique) Works at a boutique in a neighbouring town.

Taste in clothes

Renée likes bold clothes from AZ-USA.


Grace: Renée admires Grace, and they are extremely good friends. 

Player: Renée's best friend is probably the Player, as they work in the same boutique.

Dominic: Renée is romantically interested in Dominic, once stating that they are soulmates. Dominic, however, does not seem as keen on her.


  • Renée says to Grace about Dominic, saying " He's hot and young and... and I'm single!  Earlier in the game, she remarks that the name Dominic sounded "old and ugly". When she meets him, she thinks differently.