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Ricky is a main character in New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward. He is the owner of Caprice Chalet and also organises the Fashion Shows of Beaumonde City which take place at Beaumonde Arena.

Appearances in the game

Ricky first appears when Sophie and the player are looking round Caprice Chalet.


Like a cool older brother to Sophie and Callie.

[Mickey's profile description] Says he isn't Ricky. He definitely is, though...


A young and hard-working entrepreneur. Needs someone to break him out of his shell.

Shop description

Taste in clothes

Relationships with other characters

Sophie: The two are close, and Ricky is described as being like an elder brother to Sophie and their other friend Callie.

Callie: Is described as being like a cool older brother to Sophie and Callie. However, it is somewhat implied that Callie has a crush on Ricky.

The player: Ricky shows interest in the player quickly, and is shown to admire and respect her as a person. He is initially unwilling to show this, however, going undercover under the alias "Mickey" to spy on her. It is possible that he harbours feelings toward the player, after the third fashion show he will ask the player to dinner.

Adelaide: Though initially disagreeing with Ricky's passion for the fashion shows he organised, Adelaide and her brother are shown to be very close with a strong relationship. At Adelaide's wedding, Ricky bursts into tears due to being so happy for his sister.


  • His sister Adelaide is one of the first antagonists in the series.
  • Ricky has two entries in the Character Profile section of the player's phone, one being his regular profile, the other his poorly disguised undercover alias Mickey.
  • He is the equivelant of Dominic from the first game and Brad from the second game