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Sophie is a main character appearing in New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward.

She is the first character seen in the game.

Bright and curious. Loves her grandmother.

A friendly, innocent girl who loves fashion and talking to people. She seems to know everyone in the city!


Sophie ran a boutique in Beaumonde City before letting the Player be the manager. She will frequently appear in the Player's apartment or boutique. 

Taste in clothes

Sophie likes girly clothes from Marzipan Sky.


Ricky: Sophie shares a strong friendship with Ricky, the owner of Caprice Chalet. Ricky acts like a big brother to Sophie and Callie, which it says in his profile.

Callie: Sophie's best friend. 

Sophie's Grandma: Sophie adores her grandma - the best friend of the player's grandma, Elaine. 

Player: Sophie seems to like the player from the start, and is very impressed with their taste in clothes.  


  • Sophie inherited the boutique from her grandmother.
  • When Sophie takes part in her first fashion show, she admits she is nervous, but when she gets out on stage she high fives the Player and gets very confident.
  • She and Evie are the only ones who knew about Player's grandmother.
  • She is the equivalent of Grace from the first game Style Boutique and Evie from the second game New Style Boutique.