The European demo version of New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star was released on 19th October 2017. This article is a synopsis of the demo.


Fight For Your Style

The demo begins with an unknown character singing a song. Part-way through, it is revealed to be called "Fight For Your Style".

Getting started

Once Fight For Your Style finishes, the player is then given the option to design a character, the Player. (More information about the character is found on its respective page.) Afterwards, the player is introduced to Tim, the character's uncle. He shows them his boutique, which seems to lack any customers. But suddenly, a woman enters, asking Tim for a top she'd previously ordered. After he explains who the player is, she introduces herself as Abigail (Styling Star), a childhood friend of Tim's and the boutique's only customer. She jokes about Tim's lack of a fashion sense, but comments that the player is dressed very fashionably. Tim then asks the player to choose a top for Abigail instead, introducing the player to the gameplay of Style Boutique.

Tim's destiny

The player shows Abigail a bold top from AZ-USA - she happily buys it and leaves. After the shop has closed, Tim then reveals to the player that he has always wanted to get into music, but has been stuck running the boutique he inherited from his late mother. He then says that tomorrow he'll be leaving to go on a journey to discover his true passion in life, and that he's giving the boutique to the player. However, he understands that she will need help, so the player hires an assistant out of six people he had previously contacted. Tim then sets up a contact card for the player and they give the boutique a name. Once this is done, he says goodbye to the player and leaves on his journey.

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