Xavier is somewhat of a background character in New Style Boutique. He works at the cafe during the night and late night.

Appearances in the game

Xavier never appears in the game anywhere else but at the cafe, during the night hours.

Shop description

(Note that this description is not actually seen in the shop because he never visits your boutique)

Works at the cafe. Impeccable manners.

Taste in clothes

His taste in clothes is unknown as he never will request an outfit from the boutique. However, his items are assumed to be from Basic U, making his taste in clothes basic.

Relationships with other characters

Xavier does not speak to anyone in-game, as he is not seen when he is not working. He displays superb manners towards his customers.


In the American version of New Style Boutique, his shop description is slightly different. It mentions learning his manners from his father.


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