Style Boutique Wiki

Zoe is a character appearing in Style Boutique.

She is the first customer the Player meets.


Loves elegant things. Owns ten cats.


Zoe visits Primavera at the beginning of the game, looking to buy a pair of jeans. On that cue, Grace instructs the Player to choose a pair of Pure Cloth Simple Jeans (06363) for Zoe as part of the tutorial.

She will then appear regularly in the Player's boutique, and will also be the Player's model for the Bronze contest.


First encounter:

"Oh hello! I was out for a walk and thought I'd pop into Primavera. I love hearing your ideas about fashion, Grace. […] It's nice to meet you, [Player]! […] I saw some Simple Jeans in a magazine feature and wondered if you had any. Oh! I see your jeans display over there!"

Taste in clothes

Zoe likes the elegant, classy designs from Alvarado. If the player reccommends a Pure Cloth item like in the tutorial, she isn't likely to buy it.

Her favorite color is red.